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Your name



When I want to express my love to you
Only to find that
Because I like you
Like the whole world
The door of the world you open
Leading to prosperity
Time and tide rush like water
Young and frivolous you and me
Where are you going
To dream of the most beautiful life
You're wearing blue
Very common but very beautiful
You have beautiful eyes
The corners of the eyes were tangled
There was confusion
See your firm eyes
You said to me
Don't be afraid of its lies and dirt
Believe in its tenderness and fragrance
I'm as thin as a flower in your eyes
For who to shelter you from the journey of the land
In my eyes you are as calm as water
The cliff is alone and silent
Remember you look me in the crowd
To illuminate the darkest loss in the night sky
Remember that you went through the trough
There is hope in the cold
The gentle rain moistening the rain
Look up and smile
It has become a stranger to smiling without a word
Hide your name from the bottom of your heart
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