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Third line city monthly income is 34, pay the first period house use what wooden door?



      This is a question we recently received from a reader. My answer is: if you're young, try to buy high-quality home products.     


      Recall used the worst door, plastic door in the bathroom is the county home house, long disrepair also broke the second half, door and threshold cannot be aligned, and grew up in the old environment, natural don't understand what is quality life.     


      After graduating from university, I worked in a big city, worked hard for ten years, bought the first commercial house in life, got a comparison, and knew what good quality, and better quality. Knowing what to say, it is hard to accept bad, or not so good quality.Therefore, in order to better the quality of life, we need better work, better income to match, and continue to form the motivation and habit of struggle.


      The house needed a thorough cleaning, and the housekeeping company sent its staff. It was a simple middle-aged aunt who worked hard. She had already bought a house, but it was bigger than mine.


      It turned out that the son of auntie was about to graduate from primary school, so that he could get good education in changsha. She and her husband worked hard every day, and despite the low income, they raised the down payment in two years. It was a miracle, but they did it.     


      So, even if you're in a third-tier city, with a monthly income of about three or four thousand, you should also buy a suite and get your home in order. House prices are rising, and early buying is saving money.More importantly, do something you find difficult to motivate you to make more money and maximize your potential.





      Sometimes, you really need to push yourself to see more possibilities. Those who take the initiative to do difficult things, they must be able to live their own lives.


      Last year, on the high-speed train to the airport, I met a guy who was speaking on the subway. On father's day, he came forward and blessed all the passengers in English. Though the boy's voice trembled a little, he could see his heart and his courage.


      In every city subway, there should be people who practice their speaking skills in public. To be sure, such people will always be few. Because, for most people, standing in the crowd to break through the self is hard and difficult.


      I have some admiration for this young man, who volunteered to add his WeChat. A few days ago, I saw him update his circle of friends, and now he's a training lecturer at a speech school. I was not surprised by the results. Because some people's tongue is like a fast horse, can let him go further. People who always "force" themselves are often able to transcend themselves in self-discipline.


      I'm not saying that you have to make some unrealistic decisions, but rather that you should live a life that is "a little hard".


      For example, find a job that is higher than your current ability; For example, the pursuit of a girl far away from her; For example, buy a house that is slightly above your ability to pay for it; For example, it's hard for ordinary people to keep up with reading and working out.


      It is difficult to do something difficult, because the lower level of life is not worth living. The second reason is that you can get more out of it. Light, can force oneself to grow quickly. Again, when opportunity knocks, you won't miss it.


      'there are two things in this world that are the simplest: to spend someone else's money, and to criticize others,' Mr. Zhang said.


      In fact, the most difficult thing to do in the world is just the same. One is to try not to spend other people's money, and to live a decent life for yourself. The second is to make yourself uncriticized.


      To achieve this, you need to be different from others, and you need to get used to things that are difficult and not always stay in your comfort zone.


Why do you seem "LOW" compared to peers?





      There are a lot of reasons, but I think the important thing is:You always stay where you are and don't want to get in.Sometimes, you don't make progress, you are a kind of backward step. The hardest thing to do is to make the most progress.


      Can you remember what it was like to be your own worst? Can you think of one of the things that you've been most proud of lately?


      Set your goals high and do things well. You will only have more possibilities. Life will not be wasted in mediocrity.


      Sleeping in, playing with your cell phone, being a fat man doing nothing, of course, is comfortable, but such a life is far from pretend bility. The world is changing so fast that you don't try to upgrade, you don't get ahead, you can be eliminated.


      So even if you live in third-tier cities with a monthly salary of just 34, 000, I'd like you to build a high-quality wooden door.


      Don't give in to low quality of life. It's also called saving.












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