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Guangdong ocean university's first China products group li hui scholarship award ceremony held


On the morning of December 3,Guangdong ocean university's first China products group li hui scholarship award ceremonyRoom 110 in xingjiao buildingBe held.



Zhuhai tot (shenzhen wood industry co., LTD., executive director of the ms, class of 2001 alumni sardonar, foreign languages institute leadership, each department director of the department office, second-year Japanese and English teacher, guangdong ocean university 2016 year China group sardonar prize winner and second grade students, foreign languages institute attended the ceremony.


The award ceremony was presided over by li guo-fang, secretary of the college's party committee.



China quality group li hui scholarship award presentation ceremony



First, dean sui-hong guo's remarks and introduces the origin of the product group sardonar scholarship, the zhuhai tot (shenzhen wood industry co., LTD., executive director of the ms, class of 2001 alumni sardonar sympathised with the Alma mater, express our heartfelt thanks to donate to charity, on the 1st China group sardonar scholarship winners first congratulations, and put forward some hope to the award-winning students, hope that the students avoid arrogance, make persistent efforts, should not only have the heroic "to see the mountains small", more "mountain castle peak building outside the building outside" of the conscious mind.



I hope that all the students of guangdong ocean university will follow the example of the winning classmates, study hard and make progress. Ideals, down-to-earth, to train their practice ability and innovation ability, improve their moral quality, cultural quality, psychological quality, cultural quality, body quality and professional quality, and constantly improve themselves, to train to become qualified foreign language talents.



Guo suhong read out "the decision to recognize the winners of the li hui scholarship for 2016" (school student)【2016】16) and the winners list, ms li hui awards and poses for photos for the winners。




Ms. Li hui, a Chinese product group, presented the award to the winners



At the awards ceremony,alumniAccording to her own business experience in the past 10 years, Ms. Li hui has Shared and communicated with her classmates about innovation and entrepreneurship. And to the students, junior Suggestions:


1. Cultivate their own skills and increase their own professional capital;

2. Develop good living habits and make good habits and good quality students;

3. Take a serious and rigorous attitude towards work and cultivate a sense of responsibility and consciousness;

Fourth, cultivate oneself international vision, have big pattern ability to have big business;

Be thankful for your parents, your school, your teachers, and your people, and learn to repay your parents, return to school, and give back to society.



Ms. Li hui of China products groupPhoto taken by the lecturer of guangdong ocean university



Summary of li hui scholarship of China products group:


Li hui scholarship of huahui group isExecutive director, 2001Ms. Li hui, a class alumnus, specializes inI have participated in the national English and Japanese major test school of foreign languages. The alumni of li hui are the heart of sangzi, the Alma mater of the university, which has generously contributed to the construction and development of the Alma mater and the college, and contributed to its strength and contributed to the donation of 1010,000 yuan to establish li hui scholarship.