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Meeting on private economic work of doumen

| huahong chairman of doumen private economic work conference was awarded the title of excellent private entrepreneur




  Of private economy in doumen district working conference held on November 8, the meeting centered on how to promote coordinated economic development internal and external source type, perfect mechanism, pays special attention to the service, increase support, optimize the environment, there is a detailed explanation.

In recent years, doumen attaches great importance to the development of private enterprises, a series of policy measures to encourage and support the development of private economy, promoting the private economy scale, quality, efficiency improved significantly. The relevant data shows that in the january-september period, the value added value of the private sector in the whole region was 80.94 billion yuan, up by 7.2%, accounting for 35.87% of the region's GDP. Of private industrial enterprises metabolism to achieve industrial output 12.2 billion yuan, accounting for more than 20% of the total industrial output value over the scale in this district, the average growth of 31.9%, among them, the shipment tillie automation, great power battery, tot (shenzhen wood, jie technology value year-on-year growth of 50% or more.
Conference pointed out that the doumen district private enterprises also face the problem such as the imperfection of the industrial chain, the district government will focus on improving the service enterprise mechanism, strive for years "YiMenShi, a net type" reform, improve the administrative efficiency, and form a "kiss" "qing" as the core of the new business relationship; We will work hard to promote innovation and development of enterprises and ensure the completion of the target of 60 high-tech enterprises this year; We will promote the financing model of government, banking, guarantee institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises to optimize the financing environment while cultivating the key private enterprises.
The doumen district recently issued a number of measures to implement the implementation of private economic development in doumen district, which supported the development of private enterprises. In order to set an example and promote private economy up the steps again, the meeting also notified for the doumen district top ten private enterprises, tax top ten private enterprises, innovative little giant top ten private enterprises, as well as the ten outstanding private entrepreneurs.



  Li hang seng, chairman of huahong woodwork, won a well-deserved award for the award of outstanding private entrepreneurs in doumen district. Since the establishment of the company, the chairman led the people to the south to fight for the north, and harvested a share of the achievements. With its agile market insight and comprehensive strategic layout, it is time to seize the moment, which makes hua hong a remarkable and remarkable development. Huahongmuen has not neglected the value of the brand's social responsibility while valuing the business development and the core value of the brand. A good wooden door brand must have good social responsibility genes and good social responsibility behavior, so that the enterprise can develop rapidly and create greater value.。