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About us

Zhuhai Huapin Marketing Planning Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Hua Pin Marketing Company"), is affiliated to Guangdong Huapin wood group co., LTD., which was established in March, 2017. It is the marketing division of Huahong wooden Products Co., LTD., In order to serve the market more systematically and comprehensively,the production and marketing are separated. Hua Pin Marketing company is a professional enterprise of finished bedroom door and wood products research, development, sales and service. Up to now, the group has 3 branches nationwide (Zhuhai huhuhong Wood Co., Zhuhai Huasheng Wood Industry Co., Jiangxi HUAFA Wood Industry Co., Ltd.) and five large modern production bases, with a production area of more than 500 mu, nearly 2000 employees and more than 100 kinds of products. With the most advanced equipment and the largest production base of wooden doors with the most large scale, the annual output of 1 million frames of wood door production has been realized, and the annual sales volume breaks through the great achievement of 1 billion yuan RMB.

China products marketing company has a wide coverage of sales and services. It has 6 offices throughout the country. In Henan, Shandong, Guangdong, Xi'an, Chongqing and Hunan, it can serve 172 regions and more than 330 projects in 12 provinces in China. China products marketing company always adhere to the principle of customer first, and adhere to the high quality and efficient production mode, from all aspects of design and production, product sales, after-sales service and other aspects to build a perfect system, with excellent quality and sincere service to close the distance between customers and give the maximum confidence to customers. China products marketing company has signed long-term cooperation agreements with large housing enterprises such as Hengda Real Estate Group, Wanke real estate, Pearl River group, Rong he group, American real estate, oyuan real estate and so on. It has become the ten largest brand enterprise in China's engineering wood door industry.

Over the years, Chinese products have always adhered to the core value of "the highest efficiency, the best quality, the most competitive price", and will be committed to the foundation of the survival and development of the enterprise. As a stealth aircraft carrier in the industry, Hua pin wooden door is stepping into the ranks of leading enterprises in China's wooden door industry.